Thought Leadership Strategy: 3-step Framework For Influencer Outreach

For example, if you want 10 press mentions and your email response rate is 30 percent, then youll need a list of 33 influencers. 2. Building your influencer lists As you build your influencer lists, you should categorize each person or website by audience persona/type and by their influence level (high, medium, or low). The most important influencers for your most important audiences can be considered Tier 1 Influencers. Generally, this should be 10 to 15 percent of your list. Your goal is to develop strong, one-to-one relationships with them, building good will well before you ask them for any favors (like sharing your content). You can do this by sending custom emails, consistently sharing their work from your branded and personal social accounts, and trying to meet them in person at conferences. The remaining influencers on your list the people and websites that are still important but are not a top priority can be considered Tier 2 Influencers. You should strive for efficiency and scale with them, building one-to-many relationships. Email templates and creating special content like webinars and guides can help. Your team should record every interaction it has with the influencers on your list top tier or otherwise. Make notes along the way as you learn things about the influencers job, hobbies, and interests. When it makes sense to do so, assign certain contacts to individual members of your team, so they can concentrate on building fewer but deeper connections, rather than many scattered ones.
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